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Joe Foss Shooting Complex Temporarily Closed

(Buckeye) – On Sunday, June 25, at 1:00 pm, the Joe Foss Shooting Complex at Buckeye Hills Regional Park closed to the public while Maricopa County’s Parks and Recreation Department fleshes out contract negotiations with a potential new operator.

This decision affects public use of the Joe Foss Shooting Complex which was open to the public Friday through Sunday, and included the following facilities and amenities:

  • The administration and retail building which houses the office, classrooms and restrooms;

  • Public training range (50 yards; 40 shooting lanes);

  • Public multi-use range (200 yards; 40 shooting lanes);

  • Public Archery Range;

  • Public Shotgun Range; and

  • The hunter education trail

Since 2009, members of the Buckeye Sportsman Club have worked diligently to ensure that individuals visiting the Joe Foss Shooting Complex have been provided a safe, and affordable place to practice their marksmanship. Volunteers from the club have donated their time and expertise to keep the range open; however, the club’s contract with the Department expired in December 2016, and the club decided not to pursue a renewal.

In September 2016, the Department released a Letter of Interest for management of the facility. No responses were received, and the Buckeye Sportsman Club agreed to continue managing the facility for an additional six months while the Department pursued a non-profit or government entity as the land falls under the Bureau of Land Management’s Recreation and Public Purposes Act.

Our temporary agreement with the Buckeye Sportsman Club is set to expire on June 30. With limited resources available to staff the shooting complex, we have decided to suspend services at the complex during the typically slow summer season until we’ve hammered out the details with a new concessionaire. We greatly value our relationship with the club, and appreciate their assistance and dedication during this time of transition,” said R.J. Cardin, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department Director.

Additional updates on the shooting complex will be posted at this web page as they become available.


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